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Get out of the classroom and get outsideā€¦

An unforgettable experience for students and educators alike is at Forest Glen Outdoor Academy. Our mission was to create a

program that comes alongside schools to help provide an environment where students can explore and learn in an outdoor setting.

Forest Glen Outdoor Academy

Students will participate in outdoor learning classes and activities lead by our trained Forest Glen staff while being chaperoned by school staff.

Highilighted Activities: Outdoor Academy Classes such as Predators and Prey or Hydrology


School Retreats

Schools can develop their own personalized retreats and schedules using all of the activities and opportunities provided by our two locations. This can be used a time of rest, encouragement, or just pure fun.

Highlighted Activities: Team Building through our Low Ropes (High School) or any of our fun camp style activities!

Please contact us at or at 936-295-7641 with any questions or booking requests!

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Schools: Public, Private, and Homeschool (Co-ops)


  • Outdoor Academy: 4th thru 5th (can be adjusted for a little bit younger or a little bit older)

  • School Retreats: Kindergarten through 12th

Prices: We have prices exclusive to school groups. For every 10 students, one chaperone can come for FREE - additional chaperones come at a reduced price. This prices include classes, activities, meals, lodging, and meeting rooms.

  • 1 Day / 1 Meal: $35

  • 1 Night / 4 Meals: $85

  • 2 Nights / 7 Meals: $140

  • 3 Nights / 10 Meals: $170

  • 4 Nights / 13 Meals: $220

For more information submit the form below or contact us at HELLO@FORESTGLEN.ORG or call us at 936-295-7641

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