Your school will be able to pick and choose which (or all) of our offered classes you would like the students to participate in. We strive to make them hands on and interactive as possible in order to offer students a learning experience that they will not easily forget.

Our curriculum is created with the TEKS in mind.



Our Zoology Block gives students the hands on opportunity to learn about the creatures we have here at Forest Glen. Interactions with wild and domestic animals gives students opportunities to learn about animal anatomy and physiology, their adaptations and places in ecologies, and the products that they produce.



In this class, students will get up close and personal with some of our ectothermic reptiles and amphibians. Students will learn the similarities and differences between these two fascinating classes of animals as well as the adaptations these creatures have in order to survive. Local animals, as well as domesticated animals, are present including Pidge the Ball Python and Mort the Bearded Dragon.



In this class, students will learn about the creepy, crawly critters found all around us. Specifically, students will learn clear cut differences between insects, spiders, millipedes, and centipedes. The importance of these animals in their ecosystems is highlighted and the class concludes with students going on a bug hunt and identifying their specimens afterwards.


Barnyard (coming soon!)

In this class, students will get to interact with farm animals, such as chickens and goats. Students will learn animal husbandry skills by assisting with chores, learning the nutritional needs of the animals, and handling the animals. Students will also learn about the products barnyard animals produce for human use and how the farming industry has transformed over the years.



In the conservation block, students will learn how they can help keep our natural resources useable for future generations. Students will get the big picture of why our natural resources are so vital as well as the personal way that they can go green!



In this class, students study the different types of rocks and how to identify them. Students will get hands on experience identifying rocks using streak plates, hammers, and even vinegar! Erosion and soil conservation is also discussed with a demonstration on effective soil types for planting.


Garden & Greenhouse (Coming soon!)

In this class, students will get to explore our garden and greenhouse. Ways of growing crops is compared and students (weather permitting) will be able to get hands on with gardening. A small aquaponics system is also available for study. Students will learn how to set up their own gardening system and will take home seeds to get started with.



This class demonstrated the importance of Earth’s more vital resource with an emphasis on water quality. Students will gain an understanding of how PH, temperature, and turbidity are linked for water’s many uses while brainstorming about the possible ways to improve water quality. Students will also learn about the real life ways water can be filtered by human and natural means and learn about way they can conserve water.



Our ecosystem block gives students the chance to look at the big picture of ecosystems while simultaneously looking at the many moving parts within. Students will learn about the basis of a habitat, the individual organisms within those habitats, and their relationships with each other.



In this class students learn about the four components that make up a habitat. Students will learn this by comparing and contrasting their own needs with those of animals found in the wild. Example habitats will be explored and students will build a diorama of a habitat for a model animal.


Plant life

In this class students will learn how to identify plants as well as learning their historical and modern uses. Family and genus specific characteristics as well as a dichotomous key are used to help students identify plants during a guided hike.



Students will learn about food webs and the predator/prey dynamics within those food webs during this class. Students will also play the game “Foxes and Rabbits,” which demonstrates predator and prey relationships and will then dissect owl pellets to study the remains of the prey animals inside.



In our Texas History block, students will take a trip to the past to learn about the historical roots of our great state. From Native Americans to early pioneers students will be able to experience where we came from to better understand where we are today.



This class emphasizes the responsibilities and entertainment of early Texas settlers. Students will learn about the various challenges these settlers faced while establishing their homes. Features of this class include time period games, cooking, log cutting, and more!



In this class, students will learn about the various Native Americans that previously and currently reside in Texas. Students will learn about Native American culture including commerce between tribes, hunting, gathering, housing, and religions. Students will earn stripes based on performance in archery and crafting.


Incorporate our outdoor activities to add additional depth and excitement to your school retreat!

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Pool & BLOB (Seasonal)

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Double zipline & Rock wall

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canoes & Paddleboard

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ARCHERY, archery tag, & bb gUNS

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horseback rides (through 2E Stables)